वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Siberian woman sets fire to his car while fueling.

A woman from Siberia  sets her gas tank to fire in cold frigid temperature of -33 degree celsius. She tried to defrost her gas tank with gas lighter while fuelling the car. THIS IS TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE. This happened in a  a remote Siberian city of Surgut. The city of Surgut  is  in Siberia with population of around 300,000(2015) and is unexpected to have such an incident which indicates ignorance about such things. Everywhere smoking or fire is prohibited on gas stations.How this happened is hard to say but is totally unacceptable.

I live in Toronto area in  a small town  in Canada where yesterday’s temperature was -24 degree celsius. We had  continuous update on weather and road conditions. But anyways we should be careful in such situations, after all life2health  cares so much about your health and well being.

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