वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Our You Tube Videos

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Our YouTube Channel

“वंदनीय माता जी को एक के बाद एक 3 हार्ट अटैक” May 18,2020

Relation with Gurudev through many births May 15,2020

“गुरुदेव की चार हिमालय यात्राएं “May 14,2020

“बात बहुत साधरण पर महानता उच्च कोटि की ” May 13,2020

“पूज्यवर का दादा गुरु से साक्षात्कार ” May 17,2020

“शांतिकुंज से गुरुदेव का हिमालय प्रस्थान” May 12,2020

Gurudev’s Divine Power -East Africa 1972 May 6, 2020

अखंड दीप और अखंड ज्योति पत्रिका का आपसी सम्बन्ध May 3,2020

Temple in Ocean May2,2020

Upasna sadhna aradhna USA April 30,2020

Gurudev East Africa visit 1972 April 26,2020

Our Gurudev ,a monument of simplicity

First shaktipeeth ouside India 1972

Attack on our Gurudev

Captain Sadka aboard ship 1972

Donate time ,money, shram




Watch the videos below and energize yourself

Everybody is in search of Happiness.Nobody has found it.This site tries to bring Happiness by most of the tools.Keeping health at the highest level through food,sleep,talk,mentoring,natural way,helping others,sacrificing for someone are tried. The facts of life by experience gained through education and lifelong learning are explained. The author has taught Chemistry at various institutions and holds a Ph.D degree. Freelance writing,helping others,volunteering give me real happiness. The power of volunteerism,helping others,doing something for others and those who are less privileged gives a sense of feeling that I am doing a great job that gives me satisfaction. You will find people everywhere around us who are ready to point fingers on you and saying bad things about you. But life always moves on. Those people who did something for the humanity are always remembered. Mother Teresa,Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela,Ram krishna Paramhans,Swami Vivekananda are some of the names that are always remembered in the history. They left a lasting impression on the minds of the people about the sense of sacrifice. When I am writing these pages I am thinking of not doing anything like these personalities because these were great people. I  am just inspired by them and want to communicate with the people of the world that LIFE IS TOO SHORT LETS DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR ANYONE IN NEED. Whatever I have learnt throughout my life want to give back to the community-may be education,experience,motivation or anything.This is sense of giving. All the collections on this site are not necessarily my own. Wherever I find interesting and useful I want to share with the world. The videos or excerpts have always been properly credited wherever required.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Please keep watching our You Tube channel for updates and Newer videos. Get yourself involved in  YouTube community. Click this link  to access our channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/trikha48DrArunTrikha


Arun Trikha promotes New Horizons Radio show on Rogers TV

Arun Trikha talks to Rogers TV on Salt and Sugar

Arun Trikha was invited in Rogers TV studio to discuss the effects of consuming too much Sugar and Salt. A detailed analysis of various scenarios has been discussed in my book”Salt and Sugar:Our worst enemies”. Click on the link under BOOKS to order your copy.

Following link directs you to the Rogers TV website.

Arun Trikha broadcasts remotely from GDMF 2014

Arun Trikha on pacemaker

Arun Trikha on superfoods

Navrang Guelph with Arun

To give back to the community and for community involvement I host this Radio show every Saturday 11:30 am on CFRU93.3FM  from University of Guelph’s studios.

Laughter therapy

Talk therapy http://youtu.be/LV8z4BwEhiQ

Walk therapy

Mother Teresa

Arun Trikha interviews Frank Valeriote Member Parliament

Arun Trikha interviews Delfino Callagari,  President GDMF for New Horizons.

Arun Trikha loves Canada

These videos are taken from you tube for sharing and education purpose only.Thanks to contributors.


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