Arun Trikha writes about basic problems in India for creating awareness.

India is great- yes it is great. Whenever I visit India once every 3-4 years I post articles on various social media sites. There are some reasons behind these articles:
1. To educate the people about what they think about India,after all this is an EDUCATIONAL SITE.
2. To make a comparison about different worlds- Canada and India. I know it is stupid to compare apples and oranges but still the patriotism and love for India forces me to write such articles.
3. To pray and DO SOMETHING for my motherland if I can. And this is how I am trying to bring awareness among the masses.

Just grumbling about the bad points about India and not doing anything is like looking as a silent spectator. Most of the articles on this blog and other social media sites are an attempt in this direction to provide awareness. I am not a whistle-blower but I am not at all a silent spectator.

Neera enjoying South Indian food
Gandh's statue at Mumbai airport
Mahatma Gandhi statue at Mumbai International Airport

Yes India has grown to great heights since the last time when I visited in 2012. New Delhi airport which is one of the most modern airports is treated as COSMETICS AIRPORT. This was the adjective which was used by an Immigration Officer when I was standing on his desk for security clearance. Yes you should visit this airport to see it for yourself. Most of the internationally-branded stores are visible and the prices are competing. Food is quite cheap and clean with Indian recipes. Sleeping pods at Terminal 3 are an excellent additions for the comfort of transit passengers. Even the lounges are quite affordable. We stayed at Eaton Smart New Delhi Airport Transit Hotel which is situated at Terminal 3, fifth floor.One can book online and is an excellent place for transit passengers. No need to get an Indian visa, just a boarding pass or proof of onward travel ( which you definitely have) is enough. It is  comparable to Bawa International in Mumbai . This  hotel was adjacent to Mumbai airport and we paid $100 for one night. We stayed for one night in this hotel while going to Kanyakumari. Trivandrum is the nearest airport for Kanyakumari and we flew by Indigo. Oh yes before I go further let me compare Spicejet with Indigo. Indigo is the best and Spicejet is the worst. In 2 weeks in that part of India we flew about 6-times by Indigo but it was not late even once. I have posted my review about Spicejet in this link . In Trivandrum we visited Vikram Sarabhai Space center which is a place worth-seeing. The museum gives you a feel of India’s pride in space exploration. The golden beach in Trivandrum which is popularly known as Poovar Beach is an excellent beach to visit. While going from Trivandrum  to Kanyakumari we experienced  the feel of under-development. We travelled by private  chauffeur-driven air-conditioned car. The 90 km distance took more than 3 hrs in dusty and bumpy roads through bazaars and villages. The driver told us that this is the only way to go to Kanyakumari. But not a big deal because Vivekananda Rock memorial, Kanyakumari Temple  gave us great relief  http://www. vivekanandakendra. org . There are many things to see in Kanyakumari but  I am  not  much impressed  because of the lack of development and dress-code in every religious place. This is the only place in India where you pay for public urinals(even for men) and parks. I had an impression that  temples in south India are better managed than those in North India but it proved wrong (my personal view) when I compared Kanyakumari with Vaishno Devi in Katra  https://www. maavaishnodevi. org.  I was raised in Jammu (now in Canada) am able to see the development after the birth of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. The huge amount of money collected through offerings is duly spent on developments of this religious monument. We stayed at Gauri Bhavan huts . What a marvellous accommodation ! Double bed room  for just  $15 with a room heater,hot water,room service and extra blankets and on top of that- excellent view of the nature on a mountain. Excellent, my goodness. Apart from good accomodation there is excellent food,toilets,helicopter service,battery-operated  autos,ponies,elevators at the Bhavan etc etc. Cleanliness is totally top-notch. Shrine board needs my pat and kudos for this great job they have done in recent years. We flew from Chandigarh airport to Mumbai.  In Mumbai we had a great time visiting Film City named after Dadasaheb Phalke who is the father of Indian Film Industry. Though anyone can visit film city paying $8 for a 2-hour trip we were lucky to have Ashuu Trikha  with us who is a seasoned Bollywood Director and my cousin. We were able to see the finer details of this city which we may have missed otherwise. After visiting Film City in Goregaon Ashuu took us to Madh island  where we enjoyed chat with Sunny Deol on the sets of Ghayal Returns. There are a few  things that  disturbed us while in Mumbai. The traffic bottlenecks were a great problem except during off-peak hours. The travel agency at Bawa International

South Indian food served on banana leaf
South Indian food served on banana leaf
Back waters Trivandrum
Back waters Poovar
Golden beach
Golden beach Poovar
Golden beach  Ko
Golden beach Poovar
Neera with statue
Vivekanand Rock Memorial Kanyakumari
Vivekanand Rock Memorial Kanyakumari
Arun at Triveni sangam,Vivekanand Rock memorial at the back.
Arun at Triveni sangam,Vivekanand Rock memorial at the back.
Neera ,my wife at Triveni sangam,Kanayakumari
Neera ,my wife at Triveni sangam,Kanayakumari
Narendra Modi statue at Wax museum Lonavala
Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
Mata Vaishno Devi shrine Katra
Wave Mall Jammu
Wave Mall Jammu
Mahatma Gandhi's statue at Mumbai airport.
Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at Mumbai airport.
IGI Airport New Delhi

duped us by charging almost $20 for a distance of 7.57 kms from hotel to Siddhivinayak and back. We paid $5 for the 9 kms to OLA  cabs So it is my personal suggestion that whenever you need a cab in India just go online and book OLA cabs. They are reliable and tariff is reasonable. Another thing that goes against Bawa international is the wi-fi. It was not at all working. They asked us to use their cyber room but  there was no signal  at all too. I was totally cut off. From Mumbai we went to Pune by Shivneri air-conditioned bus . It departs from Dadar every 15 minutes and terminates at Pune railway station. On the way it stops at Lonavala for a snacks break. It is an excellent service and quite cheap- $7 one way. About 66 km from Pune one should definitely visit  Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavala  http://www. . Entry fee is only $2. Though most of the time the driving is on highway but going in and out of Pune is a big hassle and stress.

There are many things that bother us too much whenever we visit India. Main ones are the pollution,corruption,bargaining for the prices, lack of committment for almost everything and too much of rush every here and there. Overcrowded markets, bazars, roads full of traffic with no traffic sense and no respect for traffic lights and signals are definitely an invitation for crimes and lawlessness. Another thing that is quite visible in India is security check everywhere even in malls and stores. Why would you go to a Mall if  you have to undergo a security check just like the one at the airport.  In fact in some of the towns there were no STOP SIGNS or traffic lights. Free-for-all situation is quite prevalent there. Such things are unacceptable in a civilized society. If India is showing to the whole world that we are NOT A NATION OF 50s a lot more needs to be done for the safety of common man.


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