वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Hemp as a food supplement

Summary: Use hemp to control many of the life-threatening diseases. It is actually anti-marijuana. The best part lies in seeds 
We can buy hemp seeds from any Bulk-barn store
Whenever we think of hemp as an important food source we think of  Marijuana. But that is not true. Just linking  cannabis with Marijuana does not seem to appropriate. Structure of a plant has many parts like roots,stem,leaves,flowers,fruit and seeds. But this does not mean that everything in hemp plant is Marijuana and should be put under strict control or banned. That is the reason that now the term Medicinal Marijuana is used.

 Structure of THC
But  simple tests show that there is  huge difference in the potency of  various parts of cannabis plant. Percentage of the psychotropic ingredient: delta-9 tetrahydro cannabinol  (“THC”), the active psychotropic (affecting mental activity) ingredient  is found in the leaves and flowers of the female plant, but not in her seeds or stems.

Health benefits
Just like flax hemp is a high protein seed containing all nine of the essential amino acids . It also has high amounts of fatty acids and fiber as well as containing vitamin E and trace minerals. It has a balanced ratio of omega 3 to 6 fats at around a three to one ratio. This won’t help correct your omega balance if it’s off, but it gives you the right balance to start with.
Further the protein content of the hemp seed is supposed to be very digestible. Many people noted their personal experience of finding that hemp seed protein did not cause bloating or gas, like some of their whey, or other protein shake. There are eight amino acids the human body cannot make and two more the body cannot make in sufficient quantity, so they are essential to life. A diet without any one of them will eventually cause disease and death. These essential amino acids, along with eleven others the body can make from them, are chained together  into structural proteins that give body to life, and into enzymes (globular proteins) that carry out the mechanics of living.
          75%  of body solids are proteins. The body is literally constructed and maintained by an extremely complex system that simply builds proteins from amino acid subunits. Every amino acid consists of an amine and a carboxyl bound to the same carbon atom.  The amine group, ND, is slightly basic; the carboxyl group, COOH, is a mild acid. The amine group of one amino acid unites with the carboxyl group of another forming a peptide link. Proteins are made of amino acid peptide chains in specific sequences. The number of possible amino acid peptide combinations is infinite.
Hemp is not unique in having all the essential amino acids in its embryonic seed. Flax seeds also contain all the essential amino acids as do many other seeds in the plant kingdom. What is unique about hemp seed protein is that 65% of it is globulin Edistin. That is the highest in the plant kingdom.
 Life is a paradox not to be understood but experienced to the fullest. The great saints have said, “Know yourself.” At any rate it is paradoxic  which means self contradictory and unsolvable. We should  attempt to  simplifying the infinite complexity of flowing life. Yet, it is far better for the health and development of any thinking and feeling.
          In spite of so  much advancement in medical science, the effects of cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancers,diabetes etc are not controlled. Cancers erupt when immune system response is weakened. Pioneers  Biochemistry and human nutrition tell us that  CVD and most cancers are really diseases of fatty degeneration caused by the continued over-consumption of saturated fats and refined vegetable oils that turn essential fatty acids into carcinogenic killersAnd  more and more people are  succumbing to immune deficiency diseases than ever before. Sadly it is ignorance of human nutritional needs that will cause this overwhelming majority of mankind  is facing death  slowly from these afflictions — the greatest killers in affluent nations.

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