वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

My comments about Brainmass.com

I am connected with Brainamss for the past 10 years and things have changed drastically. Economy has changed so much but the bid rate remains so low that it is unbelievable “You work at such a low pay”. More and more Teaching Assistants are joining everyday and there is too much competition to sign out a posting. Experts like me are glued to the site almost 24 hours and ready to pick up the posting the moment it comes to the posting pool. I remember solving problems even during the middle of the night. I had been helping students globally since it is my passion and I love it. But the other side(students) should also realise how sincere and considerate we TAs are. Sometimes the full assignments/ home work is posted which runs into many pages. Just to have a look at these postings takes almost 1 hr. Solving comes later on. And you know how much is the bid,Just 1. This turns out to be 3-4 dollars. This means you are working at a wage much lower than the minimum wage. Even if you return the posting back to the posting pool with your comments”Bid is too low” some one else will be ready to solve the problem and work in that money. THIS IS THE OUTCOME OF OUTSOURCING AND GLOBALISATION.

Another concern that is worth mentioning is- New disciplines and subjects are coming  and are liked by the students than the traditional subjects like Chemistry,Physics,Biology. Recently I have started tracking the “Recently Addressed Postings” and found that there were very few postings in these subjects. I had been  gluing to Brainmass site for many days and most of the time there were “zero postings”.

I know it is not a full time job,nor it is a get-quick-rich scheme but I am sometimes concerned about these scenarios. Is this value of hard-earned degrees like Ph.D,masters etc. Nobody can be a saint. If the answer to all this is ” Leave this,why do you do this if you are not OK  with payments etc.” I am sorry for the plight of the academicians of today.

Brainmass is  doing its best by  creating more opportunities like ebooks,video lectures,quizzes(free) and library submissions(free). But again the payments are too low. There is a need to have a unit  bid rate of at least 10 dollars. Why I am saying this? Education should not be made so cheap that any “GOOGLE PROFESSOR” is equivalent to a REAL PROFESSOR”

Lets think about it. You are most welcome for any comments.


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