Arun Trikha appreciates the effort by Sharman Joshi

Actor Sharman Joshi has made a short film that pays tribute to some special people who work throughout the year, even during festivals without a single holiday, and without any salary.

Sharman is a Bollywood actor and made an excellent effort in dedicating this video to MOTHER and on top of it with subtitles in English

The visitors to must be thinking why I am posting this video here because it is in no way connected with HEALTH AND WELLNESS. Yes it is connected to health and wellness of millions of people all over the globe.This video is about MOTHER who works tirelessly for the family without being paid,no holidays,no vacations,extra work during festivals etc etc. And what we give HER in return.Just a greeting card  on Mother’s Day. Do you think it is sufficient for the labour she is putting on for her family day and night throughout her whole life. NO. At least I personally don’t agree. She works hard to educate her children. But when children get  jobs,go to high positions,get busy in their family they foget all those YESTERYEARS and she starts counting days for her end to come. I AM SURE IT IS NOT HAPPENING TO ALL THE MOTHERS but  shares the feelinga with those mothers who are facing such situations.

Now coming to the HEALTH. Mother takes care of everybody’s health. I mean everybody. If 10 people are healthy they make another 20 healthy and those 20 make another 40 healthy and it becomes viral. It is like a chain reaction. So where did it start. Definitely Mother started it. She is the ORIGINATOR. Lets make her happy,healthy,prosperous and remember her every day and night.


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