Thanks Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric for creating “FED UP” which hit theatres May 9.

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We all must thank Stephanie Soechtig for giving us a documentary “FED UP” which hit theatres on May 9,2014. It is such a masterpiece that I would recommend everyone to see it. I am promoting this movie because of the education it provides to us all in terms of how much sugar we are supposed to take every day. The sugar epidemic which is affecting us is highly documented in North American context. Katie Couric  the TV journalist was following the effect of sugar and why millions of us are obese despite media attention and government regulation. I am following this study and results for past some time and have already published an article on “FED UP” will give me more information and data to share and educate the masses. Former US President Bill Clinton  appears in a short clip in this documentary.


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