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Beware: Type3 diabetes is fast approaching

Researchers discover a new compound to reverse Alzheimer’s

Researchers at the Saint Louis University of Missouri claim to have discovered a chemical compound called antisense oligonucleotide (OL-1) that can reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Read the whole story at Browse the site for other articles published by me 

Navrang Guelph with Arun

Life2health educates community through Radio shows

These pictures are indicative of the fact how life2health is involved in community awareness. Through a weekly radio show called “Navrang Guelph with Arun” Community is made aware of the latest developments in the area of health,aging,entertainment,new and views.and related topics.

Life2health brings breaking news about Antartica

Beware: we are at a point of no return according to an European  study.“CryoSat has given us a new understanding of how Antarctica has changed over the last three years and allowed us to survey almost the entire continent,” lead author Dr Malcolm McMillan from the NERCCentre for Polar Observation and Modelling at Leeds University, UK  […]

life2health brings superfoods for you

Life2health comments on lipitor recall.

I  had been following this new item since the time it was released in the media a few days ago. Thanks to USFDA for bringing this information to the public. But I am surprised by the comments posted in the media about this issue. Such things do happen everywhere  but raising too much hue and […]

Life2health brings latest study to eat 7 servings of fruits and veggies daily

A recent study suggests eating 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to keep you live longer and healthy. This study was conducted by scientists in the UK and was published in Journal of Epidemiology and community Health as reported on CNN March 31st 2014. Researchers studied the data from more than 65000 people over the […]

Sugar is poison says Professor Lustig in “FED UP”  released last week

Sugar is poison says Professor Lustig in “FED UP”  released last week is always educating you about your health to live life to your fullest. Kepping vising us. Thanks for your comments.

Thanks Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric for creating “FED UP” which hit theatres May 9.

We all must thank Stephanie Soechtig for giving us a documentary “FED UP” which hit theatres on May 9,2014. It is such a masterpiece that I would recommend everyone to see it. I am promoting this movie because of the education it provides to us all in terms of how much sugar we are supposed to […]

Coun.Doug Ford to provide proof for Rob Ford is always commiitted to bring articles and information to you that are directly or indirectly related to your health. The news about torching vehicles in midtown Toronto raises a question “why the guy did  commit that crime”. Is he mentally sick or there is something else?  News about Rob Ford are raising many questions […]

Rob Ford whereabouts-lets work responsibly

My blog is about the health articles and educating the masses about how to keep you fit with food,exercise,lifestyle etc But such news items about Rob Ford do concern the health and mental state of Canadians because he is our leader and such things are not expected from a leader( if they are true). I […]

Rob Ford never made it to rehab in Chicago

Rob Ford in rehab is all about  health so I feel it my humble duty to create awareness among my readers about our Mayor.

Another case of Human Brewery-This time in London.

I reported a case of Auto Brewery Syndrome last year on This is another case reported in the media on Feb 12,2014. Go to for complete details. This is a rare case of a Texas man who was tested for alcohol limit far above the permissible limit when he has not taken a drop of […]