वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Is it due to global warming or a common feature of this area:please leave your comments here.Thanks

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  1. Arun; I lost My adoptive Father, Mother, (within two months of each other), my nephew, step brother, step mother, brother, brother in law, father in law, and biological Father all withing a five year period of each other. I know how you feel. I can honestly say, except for my brother who had MS and my nephew who died in an accident, they all could have probably lived better lives without less dysfunction, and taking better physical care of themselves. My oldest brother at 67 is now permanently in a wheelchair due to his choices. I believe he could still walk as does the doctor, if he lost his weight and tried to maintain a better life style. He tries, but it is painful. I was the facilitator for all but three of the deaths above, and it took it’s toll on my body mentally and physically. I have always cooked properly, and watched my intake, until that time, and exercised daily. However, the dysfunction, stress, and chemical imbalance from it all caused major havoc on my body, something that has taken me seven years of a constant battle to get back on my feet, walk, and yes finally start loosing weight again. People need to remember to feed themselves, nourish themselves, and take care of their muscles that support their core, and body if they want to live, long happy lives. Regular check ups, and not putting things that are necessary in your systems because our bodies are fine tuned instruments that require a little more maintenance as we get older.

    The changing environment, which in accordance with my education, is a normal turn of events that has been accelerated by ‘global warming’ as they call it also effects us all. A lot of people are in tune with the world’s gravitational pull, and are effected by storms, or weather changes physically, and chemically. Heart attacks are statistically on the rise, however, the survival rate due to early detection, and newer less evasive procedures allow a larger survival rate, but we are still in the age of the ‘baby boomers’ a larger population the world has ever experienced, bye far. It is very important to research your body and it’s needs for different foods that supply different requirements to each genetic background. ‘Less is more’ although I still have a problem with over eating, in time of stress, I monitor. I realize when pain is from weather changes, I work with my bodies needs. Every day is a struggle, it will never go away, like a rusty bike or an old car that has been let go, to maintain it is at a cost, but it can be done for a good old classic like me 😉 … We also need to work on our environment around us. If we can afford geothermal, and solar as appose to gas and electricity, we need to invest in that, for ourselves, and our environment around us. The less electricity and microwave we have with modern technology the better it is for our bodies, check out the increase in brain tumors in the younger generations.

    We are not listening to Mother earth, and we are chemically altering our weather patterns to try and compensate in some parts of the world ‘chem trails’ for one. We have created paradise retreats, and retired paradises in areas that were once under the ocean, and are now becoming once again, under the ocean. The earth, like a snake that sheds it’s skin, re-cleanses over thousands of years in a cycled pattern. I took that in University Geography, and archaeology over twenty years ago. People have not listened to those that studied the health of the earth, and the scientist that put the health of human kind. To me, it has all been about taking, overpowering, and monetary compensation, instead of living in harmony as native people always did with their lands. Europeans thought native people were ‘animals’ uneducated, and living terrible lives, when in fact they were happy, and living in harmony with their land and people. Europeans desire to grow and overpopulate is what has damaged this earth, in my opinion. They will kill us all in the end with their arrogance for ‘survival of the fittest’ and in the end, only those that know how to survive the climate changes, or have the resources to maintain will still be here. I am thinking…Question is do we have hundreds of years or decades….are our bodies in the condition, and our minds opens enough to survive changes? I think I will just look after the home front inside and out, and see what happens, and try to improve my environment, cooking the food I grow, and trying to keep it as chemical free as I can..Thank you again for the article

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