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PURE WATER INTOXICATION I have intentionally selected the title of this post to make my readers understand what I want to say. If I simply say WATER INTOXICATION that would have been taken as killer  water due to the presence of toxic chemicals in water. These may pass on to the water stream through natural processes or through […]

Kudos to Mayor Karen Farbridge for the Food Waste Pilot Project Do you know that 852 million people(15% ) in the world are hungry. This is an excellent project Karen.Congrats and kudos for such initiatives.I am quite sure that the findings of this project can encourage the team to pursue it at a larger scale. […]

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SCIENCE OF THIRSTI ask myself a very curious question ” How water quenches thirst?”. What happens to our body when we feel thirst or during dehydration if we don’t drink required amount of water. The two most important parts of the body are BRAIN and HEART. Drinking too little water has direct effect on these […]

Water as elixir of life Your family doctor always recommends drinking lot of water(at least 8 glasses) to keep good health. Have you ever thought why he stresses so much on this point? In earlier scientific and religious  literature WATER IS CALLED AN ELIXIR OF LIFE. This means it makes you immortal i.e you never […]

SUGAR controls sugar S.U.G.A.R. is a registered Not-for Profit Charity in Canada for Canadians.It is based in Burlington ON at 1235 Fairview Street Unit #161. This charity is determined to a healthy and vital community in which all diabetics have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life.SUGAR is abbreviated as Support Unlimited Guaranteed for […]