I ask myself a very curious question ” How water quenches thirst?”. What happens to our body when we feel thirst or during dehydration if we don’t drink required amount of water. The two most important parts of the body are BRAIN and HEART. Drinking too little water has direct effect on these two organs. Water dilutes blood which then flows with higher speed in body. This means that scarcity of water makes the blood dense which has to do more effort to flow in our body. When blood flows with lot of difficulty in our body,heart has to do lot more work to distribute blood in each and every part of body. Too  much work by our heart  leads to so many heart ailments all commonly called HEART DISEASES. Also blood is a carrier of oxygen and distributes oxygen to each and every cell in the body. Dense blood has less oxygen than the diluted blood. When oxygen supply is too little anything dangerous can happen. So be careful.

Living cells are controlled by a process called OSMOSIS. This is the movement of a liquid from one side of a semipermeable membrane with lower concentration to the other side of the membrane where we have a liquid of higher concentration. This  results in diluting the liquid of higher concentration. 

As the volume of extracellular fluids( fluids outside the cell) such as blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid drops due to loss of water through perspiration, respiration etc  the concentration of sodium  rises. To compensate this loss,water from inside the cell moves to outside the cell resulting in cellular dehydration occurs. This is the reason why Infusion  of hypertonic saline solution is the instant remedy for DEHYDRATION.Saline solution is a solution of  common salt in water.
Clusters of cells  which lie outside of the blood-brain barrier can detect the concentration of blood plasma and the presence of angeotenis II in the blood. They can then activate the median preoptic nucleus which initiates water requirement . This results in destruction of this part of the hypothalamus in brain. Is it not Dangerous? Sure it is.

Percentage of water in  human body is:: Brain 75%, Heart 75%, Lungs 86%, Muscle 75%, Liver 85%, Kidney 83%, Bone 22%, Blood 83%, Saliva 95%. 

These figures are so dreadful when we talk of drinking too little water. Be careful save yourself.


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  1. I find that interesting that the lungs are 86% water, yet, we need to fill our longs with oxygen to live. Like a plant water absorbing and sunlight make us grow and keep us strong.

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