Quench thirst with fruits and veggies

Heat wave is making its way across the country. At this point, you’ve probably tried every way possible to stay cool, including drinking far more water  than that recommended eight glasses of water per day. Drinking water is certainly a healthy way to stay hydrated, much more so than

              sugary sodas or sports drinks, -No,No

but if you’re starting to get bored with all that H2O, you may be surprised to find that you don’t really need to get all your water from, well, water. For most of us, food (usually fruits and vegetables) makes up 20 percent of our total water intake, because 

some fruits and vegetables contain more than 90 percent  

water by weight.

 When you start to feel the need for a little variety, along with a heavy dose of water, try one of these  fruits and veggies that have a high water content.

  A bowl of tomatoes is as hydrating  as a full glass of water 

Here are the water content of some the common fruits and veggies. It is not at all a complete list

Watermelon ( 93 percent), Strawberries (92 percent ),Grapefruit (91percent ), Cantaloupe (90 percent), Peaches (89 percent),Raspberries (87 percent), Pineapples (87 percent) 
Apricots (86 percent),Blueberries (85 percent),Cucumber(95 percent), Zucchini (95 percent )

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