This is real motherhood

I was sitting in my living room working on my laptop.I heard some strange sound around me. I went here and there and could not find anything. Came back to my laptop.Again after sometime there was sound. I checked and this is what I found. There were small birds in the chimney above my stove. How they were trapped there? I recollected that my tenant told me she had seen some newly born birds going through the exhaust vent. She lives in my basement. I removed the fan from the exhaust chimney and found a small bird sitting there scared and frightened. With great care and affection I took the bird in my hands and let it go outside. My wife was telling me ‘Please take care, do not do any harm to the bird’ (she is also a mother) She was showing motherly affection and care. But see what happens next. When I let the bird go out it was unable to fly and for her own protection she hid herself behind my barbecue. The mother knew that my baby is out and is in some trouble. She came crying,looking for the baby here and there. I could see the affection and concern the mother was experiencing at that time. Her heartbeat was moving so fast that I could see from the movements of body parts especially the belly area. Through their own communication system of movement and sound mother was able to locate the hiding baby. She took her with great care,offered food to her open beak and flew away. THIS IS MOTHERHOOD This incident reminded me of one of the many incidents that I have experienced with my late mother. About 40 years back i had an accident in my chemistry lab working with sodium metal and sulfuric acid my whole face was burned with strong sulfuric acid. I was taken to the emergency by my university and I had to stay overnight for treatment. My mother who was waiting for me started feeling worried why my son is late today. Something must have happened. Those days technology was not that strong and nobody could send the message that I am in emergency. Next morning when I came home with all my face bandaged and my friends were escorting me since I was unable to see anything this was the reaction from my mother. She started crying and kept on hugging me again and again and she fainted away. THIS IS MOTHERHOOD, REAL MOTHERHOOD. These are the emotions which come out of their own and are triggered when children are in trouble. It is but natural for everyone whether an animal or a human being.The accompanying picture though not very clear still giving a message of distress in mother’s eyes. We should remember mothers everyday rather than just one day of the year on Mother’s Day. This is the most precious and pious relationship. There were 6 birds in all,3 fully grown and 3 too young to fly. While I was playing with endeavour I
called Humane Society to any directions or help. They were quite helpful and I am thankful to this.

How  scared the bird is?

great organisation.


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