वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Yes we were in hiatus for some time. Back with new content.

Yes we were in hibernation for some time and don’t think we were not worried about your health. We were doing another way to keep you fit and healthy. As we keep posting about physical health, we were busy about spiritual health. Gayatri Pariwar based in Shantikunj Haridwar India is very active in spreading the message of parampujya Gurudev ShriRam Sharma Acharya Ji. All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP) chief Dr Pranav Pandya and his son Dr Chinmay Pandya were visiting Canada just for one week in July 2017. We captured an opportunity to interview Dr Chinmay Pandya for our radio show Navrang Guelph. We recorded 2 interviews with him and both are available on Youtube. Me and my wife  attended many Gayatri Pariwar  events during that time but most important of them were the 108 kundiya  Yagya at Stoney Creek Ontario and one week Youth Camp at St Lawrence College Kingston Ontario. My wife could not take part in the youth camp because of domestic issues. These videos are also posted on YouTube.

We did a lot of work in the past few months to create these videos and postings to spread the spiritual message. Spiritual health is as important as the physical health. Even music keep us happy and that is why our weekly radio show Navrang Guelph is full of content for mental peace and happiness.



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