Life2health brings you the fattest person on the globe

Go to videos section of this blog to watch the you tube video about Ricky Naputi.

He weighs 900 pounds and is in the same room for the past 5 years. Ricky and his wife live in the island of Guam in US. He is addicted to food.He cannot do anything by himself. His wife Cheryl does everything for him from cleaning,washing,toileting etc. They don’t have a family because of  this condition. He takes 10000 calories per day. Houston in US has the most over weight people. Many people have found out the reasons for so many over weight people in Houston but very few found the solution. There is no scarcity of good medical professionals but IT IS THE WILL POWER THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT.

Life2health is always making efforts to educate people about good active life. 


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