वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Are you happy?
Abstract:This article discusses how talk therapy,music therapy and aroma therapy cure stress.
The world is going towards extreme pressure for getting rich. Getting rich is one thing and making other feel that you are poor is other thing.I have heard people saying most of the time “I don’t care,I am concerned about myself only”. But this satetment is only for preaching. What we see in real life is exactly the opposite.People make money to show others that we are rich.When  others see them getting rich and rich day by day they feel depressed  and stressed. It is human nature that if we see some one rich we also want to be rich . We don’t realise our capability, resources,strengths and many other things. The only motive is to get rich by any means.So what we do? We fall prey to ill means, use any method or tool to make money. In this race we lose our health,peace of mind,family and may other vital things.On the other hand the person who is rich falls prey to bad habits like drinking, gambling,porns etc. He also lose peace of mind ,family etc. So what is the net result? No body is happy. Everybody is in an never-ending race of competition. I should not be taken as I am against getting rich and making money.But the question is -are we happy? Does money makes us happy? Do we need only money or power? But lets not forget one thing: Money cannot buy happiness but happiness can help us to make  money. Although it is not possible to give the statistics for people suffering from stress because of many underlying causes  but still according to a recent (2013) study 78 percent of US population is under stress. So how can we be happy. There are many reasons for stress:job loss,coworker attitude,boss’s behaviour,family relations,spouse relations,children education and many more. So what is the solution? How to overcome stress and try to be  as happy as possible. We as human beings are in the habit of  thinking of either past or the future. All the time we are lamenting over the past mishappenings and building castles for the future. There are very few people who LIVE FOR TODAY. Acoording to me this is the golden mantra:Live for today. If your present is good,future is more or less definitely good. The simple logic is: If you live in the present in a good way,you have more energy,more physical and mental balance and you can concentrate more in your endeavours,results will be better which is an investment for the future.The opposite result can easily be explained if you don’t live in the present.We are blessed with so many gifts that if we use them properly and efficiently we can achieve lot of happiness. There are various tools available to us from mother nature. Music therapy,talk therapy,aromatherapy are some of them. I have discussed talk therapy in my earlier post.

Music has been used as a healing force for centuries. Apollo is the ancient Greek God of music and of medicine. Aesculapius was said to cure diseases of the mind by using song and music, and music therapy was used in Egyptian temples. Plato said that music affected the emotions and could influence the character of an individual.  Music therapy as we know it began in the aftermath of World Wars I and II, when, particularly in the United Kingdom, musicians would travel to hospitals and play music for soldiers suffering from war-related emotional and physical trauma. Although music therapy is a well known profession now-a-days and requires certification to treat variety of stress,it is available for free in nature. If you enjoy the 
natural beauty with the chirping of birds and sound of a flowing river you can really get relief from stress and depression. Results may vary from person to person and situation to situation but there is  no doubt that it definitely works. Recent article of September 19,2013 advocates that  Music cures everything. We will take this topic in more detail in a separate post.

Another form of therapy which is gaining importance is aromatherapy. Since time immemorial science has shown that fragrance apart from treating  many ailments helps in giving boost to our mood.When we use deodorants and perfumes we get at least two effects.One of them is removing bad  smell due to sweat and other is it makes us happy. In simple language of SCIENCE therapy means cure and aroma means fragrance or good smell. This post takes the help of science to bring happiness through the use of fragrance.

The word aromatherapy  has been used with various meanings and definitions in our day to day life. But the most common and widely accepted definition is that used by The Collins English Dictionary Millennium Edition, 2000. According to this Aromatherapy is “The use of fragrant essential oils extracted from plants as a treatment in alternative medicine to relieve tension and cure certain minor ailments.”Alternative medicine uses a variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices like homeopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine that do not follow generally accepted medical methods and may not have a scientific explanation for their effectiveness.According to Clare Walters Aromatherapy is the use of therapeutic oils extracted from natural plant matter in order to encourage good health, equilibrium and well-being. Chrissie Wildwood defines Aromatherapy as a multifaceted art which uses essential oils of aromatic plants and trees to promote health of body and calmness of mind. Some people call it a sub-class of a broader area of medicine called HERBAL MEDICINE.
The word aromatherapy was discovered in 1928 by a French Chemist René Maurice Gattefossé

when he met with an accident while working in his laboratory. He found the therapeutic use of aromatic substances (essential oils) following the use of lavender (a plant belonging to mint family) essential oil to cool a severe burn he suffered in that accident. This was simple science at that time.

In 1937 the first book on aromatherapy Gattefossé ‘s Aromatherapy appeared in French.The modern day expert in aromatherapy Robert Tisserand is the first author of aromatherapy in English “The Art of Aromatherapy”.Since aromatherapy involves essential oils a curious question is WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS. The word essential oil is derived from QUINTESSENCE which means an extract of a substance containing its principle constituent in its most pure and concentrated form. Essential oils are highly volatile and evaporate quickly if exposed to open air. When left in open air the oils create an aromatic scent which brings the effects ( happiness and health) associated with aromatherapy.
The structure and chemical composition of an essential oil is dependent on the the plant variety and the geographical location of the plant.  Scientists have identified several varieties of eucalyptus oil extracted from rosemary,mint leaves used in aromatherapy. The properties of oils like fragrance, color, degree of volatility and the mode of action depends on the chemical structure. The most common constituents of essential oils are terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes and esters. It is these chemical combinations that determine the fragrance, the color, the degree of volatility, and the therapeutic properties of the essential oil.
The low molecular weight isoprene compunds are responsible for the fragrance of essential oils.Due to the presence of combination of chemical compounds in essential oils it is not surprising to expect variety of functions exhibited by them e.g analgesic,antinflammatory,psychological and physiological. They enter the human body much easily via skin or by inhalation due to small molecular weight and hydrophobic(water-hating) nature. The mode of action of essential oils has been studied mainly in two ways. According to first mechanism the olfactory system( nose) smells the oil and sends signal to the limbic system (brain) thus bringing out the psychological healing effect. The second one is the pharmacological method in which the oil is applied and used as a medicine for treatment. Both these ways bring happiness one through psychology and other through therapy. Both are important disciplines of science.


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