वेदमाता,देवमाता,विश्वमाता माँ गायत्री से सम्बंधित साहित्य को समर्पित ज्ञानकोष

Goodness still prevails in Kalyug

Father Sebastian and Rasad

Although my blog is about health and wellness in scientific perspective  but this post is about spiritual health. Spiritual health is equally important than our physical health. I would say it is more important than physical health. Our mind and brain are the most important controlling organs of this unique human body. Whatever we learn from  our scriptures and peers has a profound effect on our mind. Kalyug or  kaliyug as depicted in Hindu religion is the period when there will be total chaos and unrest among the human races. There will be killings, murders,rapes and crime at their heights and there will be complete unrest. This is this ERA in which we are living right now. Kaliyug has just started and it has to go a long way. So when we are seeing crime and unrest everywhere around us, is it not surprising when we see GOODNESS. Yes it is surprising due to the fact that we see such miracles only once a while. With this background I recall the gesture shown by Father Sebastian who donated his kidney to save the life of a muslim man. This unusual  story happened in Kerala, an Indian province in March-April 2013. Father Sebastian 41 year old Catholic  priest  from Kottayam, presently stationed at Chalakkudy was travelling with  Rasad Mohammed who  is a 30-year-old Muslim  from Alappuzha on the same seat in a state road transport bus.Father Sebastian and Rasad, both strong believers in their faiths were travelling to Kochi. Rasad was in urgent need of a kidney because both his kidneys were destroyed. He was sent back to India from “Gulf ” where he was working as a sales person in a shop. After completing grade 12 he went to “Gulf” like many others to earn money.  The money that he was earning abroad was a great  help to his family. One fine day, a year-and-a-half ago, Rasad found his eyesight waning and in no time, he became blind in both his eyes. Doctors found that the problem did not lie with his eyes but with his kidney. He was sent back home by his friends and after undergoing dialysis a few times, he got his sight back, but was shocked to hear from the doctors that both his kidneys had stopped functioning and he needed a transplant urgently. In India he arranged some money from his friends and relatives but somebody cheated him and took his money. Rasad says  “It was as if God Himself appeared in front of me  in the form of the priest and blessed me  with a new life”. They never knew each other before that day and it happened just like a miracle. Although it appears normal for a person to donate his kidney to other but that is a   pre-arranged  sort of thing and is not free. But in this case both of them were completely unknown and the father did it for the sake of humanity. This is one of the rarest incidents of its kind. Now a question arises “Why he did that?”. The answer is father Sebastian was born with this type of nature and goodness. He grew up in a family of priests and learnt how to help one another. Although he was a topper in his school and   in the district, he chose to be a priest.  In school, when teachers asked him who he wanted to become, he  always answered, a priest. It was the frequent visits to the church and his  only sister  becoming a nun who impacted  on his  decision.” Father Sebastian says “It is difficult for me to say the prayers where there is a death. When I see the family members crying, I also get tears in my eyes. So, I try not to look at them lest I find it difficult to carry on with the prayers.” He is always in the habit of GIVING and feels pleasure in helping others. If everybody thinks this way there will be NO PAIN AND SORROW and everybody will be happy. The person who is involved in the act of giving  is  relieved and happy. This is the mental and spiritual health which we need to control and balanced. This can only be achieved by the manner as father Sebastian did. We should try to help each other and should avoid to be in a race of competition and harming anyone. God is present not in the four walls of the church or masjid it is all around us.  


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