Companies Offering Permanent Spots To Freelancers
Abstract: Freelancers are precious for any company.
Author: David Goehst Published: September 14, 2012 at 6:18 am

In recent Fox Business employment news, U.S. companies are beginning to offer permanent spots as contingency-based employees, a move that is said to continue matting down the dampened economy with flexible employees which don’t bog down payrolls, costing companies less to hire and thereby saving drastic amounts of money. Fixed-cost business models are slowly beginning to awash, paving the way for flexibility in workforce development and retention. Instead of solely keeping balanced in-house workers in place, companies are beginning to levy the freelance work pool with permanent employees to offer similar perks for remaining on their employee lists. Aside from the obvious amelioration of cubicle duty, freelancers are choosing the self-employment route for other reasons, many which tie into larger increases in pay, the ability to work any given schedule and potentially work on furthering education through online schooling. The research which was conducted by Randstad included over 2,000 employed adults and 225 HR managerial position holders. Out of this study, 40% of employers report that many of their best employees were selected from freelance work positions held prior to applying. The companies ranged from small businesses to large corporations, all of whom feel costs are imminently cut down when dipping into freelancing labor pools instead of listing career opportunities in periodicals. Career Builder had praised our economy’s slow recovery on temporary or home-based employment back in January, and this year has seen steady increases in demand, according to the Randstad market study. Temporary job firms often find outsourcing employees to fill temporary gaps in production increases, office secretaries who take maternity leaves and even design needs to be suitable, yet businesses are beginning to scoff at the higher fees for temporary workers, especially when freelance labor pools can be searched and new contract help hired for next to nothing. With the Federal Reserve recently announcing that unemployment rates won’t dip much until 2014, you’ll more than likely see more workers choosing between freelancing and the cubicle since it appears information from Bernanke will force us out of the latter.

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