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Arun Trikha appreciates the effort by Sharman Joshi

Actor Sharman Joshi has made a short film that pays tribute to some special people who work throughout the year, even during festivals without a single holiday, and without any salary. Sharman is a Bollywood actor and made an excellent effort in dedicating this video to MOTHER and on top of it with subtitles in […]

Watch this video to see what www. brings for you.

Don’t think I am teaching you chemistry? It is important in health science too

Why Cu+2 is more stable than Cu+1 in spite of the inert gas configuration [Ar]3d104s0 for Cu+1 Copper has an electronic configuration of [Ar] 3d104s1 which means that 29 electrons are distributed as: 1)18 with an inert gas configuration of argon 2)10 electrons are present in the five 3d orbitals; each with 2 electrons 3)1 […]