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22 Benefits of Sugarcane Abstract: This post contains a brief description of the Super-hero nature of sugarcane.This wonder drink is excellent for many ailments.Very few people know that  freshly pressed sugarcane  juice is popularly known as  Super Hero among plant foods? Freshly extracted juices contain vital  enzymes and nutrients that can be  easily absorbed by […]

Google’s investment makes us live longerInternet and advertisement giant Google in a newly  founded company Calico. Google will finance this company in the quest for reverse the aging process and extend human life.Former Google board member Arthur Levinson, best known as the ex-CEO of biotechnology pioneer Genentech will head Calico. Levinson resigned from Google’s board nearly four years ago.While running Google, Levinson […]

Wexters responsible for the rising health insurance costs in Canada Abstarct:This news item details the  accidents due to distracted walking. Such people are adding extra burden on our health bills.

Globally recognised research publications of Arun Trikha  Subscribe Academic Results for “arun trikha” in All Fields of Study Were you looking for this author: Arun Kumar Trikha Punjabi University any time Publications (17) Complexes of thorium tetranitrate with N-methylpiperazine, 2-methylpiperazine, N-phenylpiperazine and N, N′-dimethylpiperazine (Citations: 1) Baldev Singh Manhas, Arun Kumar Trikha, Mangal Singh Journal: Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry , vol. 43, no. […]

Are you happy? Abstract:This article discusses how talk therapy,music therapy and aroma therapy cure stress. The world is going towards extreme pressure for getting rich. Getting rich is one thing and making other feel that you are poor is other thing.I have heard people saying most of the time “I don’t care,I am concerned about […]

Sprouts the nutritional powerhouses                                          Flaxseed is a small seed that is a nutritional powerhouse–a rich source of phytoestrogens(female sex hormones), essential fatty acids, enzymes, protein, lignans, vitamins and minerals. Protein found in […]