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Salt does not cause high blood pressure

    All over the world salt (or sodium chloride)has a very bad reputation of increasing your blood pressure . Many people in North America are so scared of this important  ingredient that they are   filling their grocery carts with “low-sodium” products, or even attempting to eliminate salt from their diet entirely. While it is true that for  most […]

 Latest on Pamela WallinAlthough I am concerned about the science and well being of my readers directly  but  news  like that of Pamela Wallin do affect their HEALTH indirectly. The senators of today have lost all the credibility and a blot on Canadian politics. On one hand a poor person is spending day and night […]

Goodness still prevails in Kalyug Father Sebastian and Rasad Although my blog is about health and wellness in scientific perspective  but this post is about spiritual health. Spiritual health is equally important than our physical health. I would say it is more important than physical health. Our mind and brain are the most important controlling […]

Reject sugary drinks altogether

Americans rejecting sugary drinks I am always suggesting to drink at least   8 glasses of water to compensate  the fluid requirement. I am saying only WATER not coffee,tea or any other beverage. In a recent survey  by  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that from 1999 to 2000 Americans got about 18 percent […]