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How much poison you are taking every day?Abstract: Added sugar is the single largest culprit responsible for all killer diseases of today. Heart disease,diabetes,obesity and many other related diseases are due to large amount of added sugar in our foods. Processed food labels depict 35 different names of sugar.People need to be educated and informed […]

Weight loss just by drinking waterAbstarct:See the wonders of water by drinking it correctly and the right amount.Your family doctor always recommends drinking lot of water(at least 8 glasses 2-3 litres) to keep good health. Have you ever thought why he stresses so much on this point? In earlier scientific and religious literature WATER IS CALLED AN […]

Do you wake up half dead? May be due to high blood sugar. Abstract:If you wake up half-dead with no energy then this is a perfect article for you.Diabetes is one of the culprit and how to make changes is discussed.Dawn phenomenon,flight response,growth hormones,stress hormones and medications guide us to take a new look.   […]