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Please click on the link in the title to participate in the walk in the park event being held on June 9,2017 in Guelph Ontario.

We are back now

Navrang Guelph will be back soon

Winter is a time to enjoy the beauty of snow in Canada. We are enjoying the marvels of GOD ALMIGHTY these days but promise to be back soon. Navrang Guelph brings to you Bollywood music every Saturday from 11am to 12 noon.

Excellent video for grade 9 Math students

Hey students , we have added this video for you. Don’t feel stressed about the formulas for area,surface area,perimeter and volume for geometrical figures. We did lot of online/offline study to bring the best material for you. Although this video is for Ontario grade 9 Math MPM1D course it can be quite useful  for anyone struggling in […]